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Thank you for stopping by! Choosing a photographer to document your engagement and wedding day is one of the most important aspects of planning your special day. Great photos tell a story, and love stories are my favorite stories to tell. My images are fresh and fun, yet still classy and real. I encourage couples to be themselves and have fun in front of my camera. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable and really enjoy your special time, your wedding day. Let’s hang out, relax and get creative. Feel free to be you!

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May 27, 2015

I photographed two weddings this past weekend...Monday, I hardly had strength to move! Saturday's wedding, awesome weather. Sunday's wedding took place at "The Sonnet House" in Leeds Alabama. Beautiful place! Weather...cloudy, humid, muggy. I'm around the 200 mark of how many weddings I've photographed. I've had it rain before the ceremony, after the ceremony but never during the ceremony, that was until Sunday. The wonderful, helpful, vendor friendly, Ella, informed me that they would make the call of where the ceremony would take place fifteen minutes before ceremony time. Because they are awesome, they had inside and outside ready to go. The final call, stick with the original plan.  Zach and Becky would say their "I dos" outdoors along an whimsical rock fireplace engulfed with green juniper. Juniper because bees are not attracted to that type plant. This wonderful place seems to have weddings and what vendors need down to a science. The music begins. The bride, escorted down the isle by her father, her groom sees his bride for the first time, tears wale up in his prideful eyes. The ceremony begins. The wind starts to whip, the somewhat clear sky starts to divide from gray to black and white. Zach, the humble person he is, interrupts the preacher, smiles and comically says "Is that a funnel cloud?" The guest, myself included gets tickled. As the preacher trys to continue, Zach knows he needs to make the call "We need to run for it!" he procliams. Everyone takes off towards the inside with amusement and laughter as the bottom falls out of the sky! The ceremony continues inside, purple uplights convey the chosen color of the day. Becky and Zach wrote their vows to one another, one of Zach's commitments to Becky ironically included something about even when it rains. Again, more laughter. After all said and done Becky and Zach both were happy that the rain happened when it did. They both told Ella, it could not have been more perfect. Here are a few photos from their day I wanted to share with you. They show the weather, laughter and happiness of these two people are ready to take on the world together, rain or shine. ~Kristi~

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About Kristi

My love for wedding photography has never subsided. This is mainly because of the wonderful people that have allowed me to tell their stories. They are a blessing to me, & they are why I’m so passionate about my work. If you would like to experience my love for...

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