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I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Shane. We have two awesome boys together, Dalyn and Devin. I have a German Shepherd that goes by the name Jenny Lee and a crazy cat named Moo. Moo is the office manager. I adore cute shoes, especially high heels and my cowgirl boots. I live in blue jeans, cute tops, and lip gloss. I also love Alabama Football, Aerosmith, and Tim McGraw.

I love photography. What began as a hobby has become a passion. I’m a lifestyle photographer of people in love.

I not only want to find a cure but the cause of cancer. I lost my big brother Kevin to a brain tumor on February 14, 2010. He is my hero and inspires me everyday.

I love deeply, and I am deeply loved. I’m lucky enough to be exactly who and where I’m supposed to be. I’ve been around long enough to know that time flies and times change, and we can only embrace it and document it.

I discovered my passion for photography around year 2000 with a point and shoot camera. It began with a picture I took of my youngest, Devin. He was asleep, lips puckered, drooling down his chin. That picture sparked a fire in me. It now hangs in my office, kind of like when a new business hangs it first dollar bill. It is a constant reminder of how my story began.

While my oldest, Dalyn, loves getting his picture made, Devin is not thrilled with the idea. One day, after struggling to get them to sit still for a photographer, I finally decided to do it myself. I just let them be themselves, and I was able to capture their true personalities and natural expressions. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my professional style had just been born.

Sometime after that my husband brought home an old film camera, the kind where you have to advance the film yourself, I found myself in the backyard, manual in hand, teaching myself the exposures. I was hooked. I read books, took classes and researched online because I just could not get enough of it. Well, here I am over ten years later, still reading books, still researching online and still loving photography with a passion.

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Kristi Chappell

My love for wedding photography has never subsided. This is mainly because of the wonderful people that have allowed me to tell their stories. They are a blessing to me, & they are why I’m so passionate about my work. If you would like to experience my love for photography and for my photographs to tell your story, shoot me an email and let’s chat over coffee.

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