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August 17, 2015
Joel Price, with J Price Photography, I have to give him credit for giving me courage to take flight with this idea I've had in my mind for years. There is a quote "eventually everything connects" and this passed month so many things have fallen into place and connected, connected so we can put good into the world, good that gives you "the feels"! Ironically, connections that's made me feel so free! 
Joel has been a second shooter with me a for a couple of my weddings. I actually photographed Joel and his wife Leah's wedding several years ago. He is a lighting engineer, and well, the definition of photography is the art of capturing light, he creates where light needs to be in buildings or homes. The main thing that drew me to his work is the emotion and the realness his captures of free spirit. He has grown fast, he has studied the craft, and has a gift to create photographs that tells a moment some people may never notice. That's why I introduce to you Joel Price! Here are his own words about photojournalism and why he enjoys shooting images in black and white. 

 "To me black and white photos speak in light, shape, and shadows. It eliminates the color that we see on a day to day basis and pays more attention on the detail of the subject. That subject could be of a subtle gesture with a touch, or of a kind smile. These colorless images are what form a day that at times can be missed. Even though the photo may be lacking color it makes up in soul. It has contrast, grain, depth, emotion. It pulls the viewer into a feeling. Sometimes the feeling is laughter or just a memory of a time that was special to the viewer. These moments are what you will treasure when color no longer exists. A wedding is a day of hustle and bustle. A day of seeing old friends and making new ones. A day of getting a kiss that will last a lifetime. These moments captured in black and white will continue to be cherished for years. Never once focusing on a color or trend, but rather paying attention to a feeling that continues to happen through an image and through yourself, the viewer." - Joel

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